Book – Bombay in the Age of Disco

Tinaz Pavri has newly-launched a book, Bombay in the Age of Disco: City, Community, Life.

Tinaz believes it will be of interests to Parsis and Zoroastrians everywhere. A description of the book is copied below. It is currently available on the University of Georgia website, and will be available on and other websites very soon.
Bombay in the Age of Disco City, Community, Life by Tinaz Pavri A riveting memoir capturing the metamorphosis of Bombay and its citizens during one of India’s most pivotal moments.
By the early nineties, India’s economy had taken its first faltering steps towards liberalization, and globalization’s reach had found and touched significant swathes of its society. The decades-long post-independence era of Nehru and Gandhi was finally and firmly over, and Bombay had become Mumbai. Bombay in the Age of Disco is a personal and historically powerful memoir that weaves together the experiences and aspirations of a young girl and a city on the cusp of this transformation.
Tinaz Pavri captures Bombay’s pre-global guise as the city moves inexorably towards the dizzying sea-change that comes after she leaves its shores. This book is a moving, lovingly etched remembrance of a city and its people that molded the author into the person she became, nurtured her dreams, taught her its wisdom and held in its arms her friends, family and community.
It gives us an insight into the life of Bombay’s Parsis, Persian-descended refugees who became wound through centuries into the fabric of the city’s life. Pavri’s memoir is a keenly observed, affecting, and often humorous account of India’s changing social structure, economy, and politics over the last several decades, giving voice to the last of its pre-global generation. Readers will be as enthralled by Pavri’s family, friends, and community as they will be by the city’s momentous challenges and regenerating charm.

Tinaz Pavri was born in Mumbai, India and came to the U.S. to pursue her graduate studies. She is a professor of political science at Spelman College, where she also directs the Asian studies program. Her areas of expertise include global security, conflict resolution and international political economy. She lives in Atlanta with her family.

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