London Parsis honour Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla!

Jam-e-Jamshed's photo.

London Parsis honour Dr. Cyrus Poonawalla!

Exclusive coverage with detailed story and photographs in today’s (31-May-2015) ‘Jam-e-Jamshed’.

Dr. Poonawalla was inducted as an Honorary Member of the ZTFE — Zoroastrian Trust Funds of Europe (Inc) – on Thursday, May 28, in the Zartoshty Brothers Hall of the Zoroastrian Centre in London.

Kudos to this Parsi philanthropist!

Courtesy : Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of Secunderabad and Hyderabad shared Jam-e-Jamshed’s photo.

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  • Kaikobad Bokdawalla

    We are very proud. It’s a great feeling of joy. Wish our community to benefit from his distinguished service.

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