Righteousness and Truth

Righteousness and Truth is the best good. Lie “Druj” is the Worst Evil..

Druj leads the house and village and city and the country to destruction, Our Zoroastrian Ancestors Always Praised and revered Truth and despised Lie and Liers, our Great Sassanian Sage and high priest Adarbad Mahrspandan in his book of Pand Name says:


Do not hear the words of an Untruthful man.
Never utter a Lie before anybody.
Make a Truthful speaker your messenger.
When you take your seat in an assembly, do not sit near an untruthful man, so that you may not have cause to suffer.
Iranians esteemed the truth above all things!! According to Herodotus Histories “To the ancient Iranians the most DISGRACEFUL thing in the world is to tell a lie.”.. And In the book of Menog-i Xrad we read that, To live in fear and Falsehood is worse than death!!!

(kū pa bim u mitōkht zīwastan az margīh wadtar)

Our great Achaemenian kings expressed their admiration of truth and despised Lies in their inscriptions, After ascending the throne, our Great King Darius in his Bistun inscription, attributes the troubles in the Empire caused by the Magian Gaumata a result of Lie and druj and attributes his own success to help from Ahura Mazda and as a result of fighting against Lies; King Darius in his Naghsh-e Rostam inscription says:
“By the grace of Ahura Mazda

I am a friend to the man who is righteous.

I am not a friend to the man who is a follower of LIES!!!!.

What is right and Truthful is my desire.

(lines from Great King Darius inscription – DNb)
The solemn words of great Aryan King Darius which are an echo of the teachings of our Beloved Ashu Zartosht in his sacred songs, the Gathas…
…. “If a man be rich or poor, he should be a friend to the Truthful but an enemy to the follower of deceit.”


Courtesy : Parsi Zoroastrian Anjuman of Secunderabad and Hyderabad shared Zoroastrian Iranians’s photo.


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