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The name change from Darbe Mehr to Dar-e-Mehr was approved by the IZA and ZAGNY Boards, and announced by the DMZT Trustees at the DMZT AGM on May 3rd, 2015.

The New Dar-E-Mehr Building Is On Schedule for Timely Completion

Current Status

  • Roof Completed
  • Side wall Insulation completed
  • Underground utilities completed
  • Upper level flooring poured

Looking ahead…..

By June end

  • Front ground floor will be poured
  • Inside framing will be in full force

Fundraising update

Total pledges / donations amount to $4,092,922 as of April 30, 2015. Our new Dar-e-Mehr building construction is on schedule and REDCOM can complete construction by September 2015!

We need to raise the last approx. $500,000 with urgency in the next four months to complete construction on schedule.

We request all our donors to kindly fulfill current outstanding pledges amounting to $296,391 and promptly mail checks (made out to ‘DMZT’) to Minu Dutia, DMZT Treasurer, 1 Broadview Drive, Medford, NJ 08055.

Thank you in advance to our donors who have indicated that they will contribute more. Please send us your checks at the very earliest to help avoid construction delays and resultant cost escalations.

We urge all our supporters and donors to kindly consider an additional contribution to bridge the approx. $500,000 funding gap.

We earnestly request ALL our community members who have not yet contributed, to support the new Dar-e-Mehr building initiative and join our 321 donors. It will be a proud moment to cross the finish line with 100% participation from our local Zoroastrian community!

Our dream of a new Dar-e-Mehr building is just a few months away. The time is NOW! Together, let us realize this dream – after all, beyond the “bricks and mortar” plans, our new building is about the 21st Century community growing that will take place within the walls of our new Dar-e-Mehr!

Stories that Inspire

ZAGNY members Jasely & Kerman Dukandar share their story about why a new Dar-e-Mehr is important to our community.

Our daughters are Jasmine and Tina. 25 years ago we joined the Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York (ZAGNY) community so Jasmine and Tina could learn about the Zoroastrian religion, something that was important to us because of our interracial marriage.

We knew we wanted our daughters to possess the feeling of belonging to the Zoroastrian community and so we started making periodic trips to the Dar-e-Mehr. As time went by, we met with other members of the community and observed all the charitable work that was being undertaken. Soon, Jasmine was organizing a ‘Pedals for Progress’ bicycle collection and fundraiser at the Dar-e-Mehr. Tina began to receive invitations to represent the Zoroastrian community in events at the United Nations, opening up an abundance of career choices for her. Our entire family was motivated to be more active in the community, to give, grow and learn.

A new community center means a new nucleus for our Zoroastrian community in the tri-state region. It means that our children and your children will have a place to feel like they belong, can contribute, and experience the proud sense of belonging to the Zoroastrian faith.

ZAGNY member and Pomona Village resident, Ferzin Patel, shares the Village of Pomona March 2015 Newsletter which includes a mention of our new Dar-e-Mehr building.

Read more at http://www.pomonavillage.com/newsletter.html

Join our donor list!
Show your support!
Help reduce our funding gap!

Please make checks payable to ‘DMZT’ and mail to,
Minu Dutia
DMZT Treasurer
1 Broadview Drive, Medford, NJ 08055

For up to date information about the newDar-e-Mehr Building Project visit:


For questions and naming rights information contact:

Edul Daver at eduldaver ( @ ) gmail.com (908)397-4443 or
Toos Daruvala at toosdaruvala ( @ ) aol.com (917)626-3570

For stock donations and wire transfer information contact:
Minu Dutia at dutiaminu ( @ )yahoo.com (609)654-0415

Our mailing address is:

Dar-e-Mehr Zoroastrian Temple

106 Pomona Road

Suffern, NY 10901

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