• If this was the case then why did the ancient Zorastrians were buried. As History shows that there were graves in the mountains (Naque-Shee Rostam) How about the Great King of Kings (Korush) Cyrus the Great. His Toumb is still there. It is really very confusing. Can someone or any Zorastrian scholar explain that? Also our Shah Yezdergard’s daughter was engulfed in the mountain (Peer-e-Chack Chakoo or Peer-E-Sabz in Yezd, Iran) . Thank you

  • Behram P. Dhabhar

    An Astodan is a receptacle for bones just like the Bhandar is for the present Dokhma. The “Tomb” that you refer to is the Astodan where sukko Naso viz bones are interred.

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