HPY – Holistic Professional Development for Youth

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HPY – Holistic Professional development for Youth

It all began, rather modestly, 29 years ago. 60 students, 15 days, 20 career talks. Since then, the Holiday Programme for Youth has grown into one of the community’s most loved and revered initiatives. The credit for much of its success goes to the encouragement and goodwill the programme has received from community members and charitable organizations, trustees of educational institutions, parents and the Bombay Parsi Panchayet.

Over the years, HPY has earned the distinction of always ‘Striving for Excellence’ and encouraging ‘HPYites’ to be the very best that they can be, in every aspect of life.
And it is this eternal quest that sparked the thought for an event the community’s youth has probably never experienced.

HPY@30 presents ‘Holistic Professional development for Youth’

Kicking off the programme’s 30th year celebrations, is a two-day intellectual exchange called ‘Holistic Professional development for Youth’, scheduled on Saturday, August 29 and Sunday August 30, 2015 at the Alexandra Girls’ English Institution, Fort.

The first in a series of events leading up to HPY@30, this unique initiative draws from the immense success of the parent programme. It has been created keeping in mind the very specific needs of Zoroastrian youth between the ages of 15 and 30 years (irrespective of whether you attended HPY after grade 10 or not).

The initiative is geared to be an intense, yet enjoyable two-day fiesta focused on preparing the participants for everything they’d possibly need, to get their first job or even move to a more rewarding one.

A never-before panel of speakers

Setting the ball rolling will be Mr. Ronnie Screwvala, Founder – UTV Group, Unilazer Ventures and Swades Foundation.  Mr Screwvala will share the secrets that have made him one of our community’s most recognized faces and also one of the most respected media personalities in the country.

He will be followed by Mr. Adil Malia, Group President, H.R., Essar. Mr. Malia will be joined by his team and will take the participants through the finer points of crafting a resume, preparing for an interview and group discussion and honing leadership skills.

There will also be a very special session on the many funds available exclusively for the higher education of Zoroastrian students and how prospective candidates can avail of them.

The event will conclude with a session by yet another eminent Zoroastrian personality – Mr. Boman Irani, Chairman and Managing Director, Rustomjee Group. Mr. Irani will recount how he has overcome the many challenges life has thrown at him and what it takes to be a winner in an increasingly competitive world.

Thus, the programme is geared to empower participants with the expertise and knowledge required to have an edge in the competitive and challenging professional world that we find ourselves in today.

Looking to turbocharge your career? Take a solid first step. Save the dates and clear your social calendar of shopping trips, television soaps, football – or whatever else your excuse may be for not investing in your future.

For those who wish they could re-live the summer they spent at HPY, this is your opportunity. If you missed it the first time around, then fortunately, at HPY we believe in second chances.  Whatever your motivation is, just remember to sign up before it’s too late because registration is limited.
So the adage “der aaye par durust aaye” will not apply here. In fact, as aapro Elvis said, ‘It’s now or never!’ And, we love Elvis!

The registration fee for the two-day event is Rs. 1200 for HPYites and Rs. 1500 for non-HPYites.  In addition to securing your seat for all sessions, the fee covers lunch and snacks for both days.

To register, please call Rayomand Mistry – 9987056056, Hoshaang Gotla- 9820683398 or Huzan Forbes – 9819342162, or visit our HPY website – www.hpy.co.in to download the registration form.

As for HPYites beyond this age bar as well as for fellow Zoroastrians, who may not qualify to attend this event, don’t lose heart. A specially customized event is being organized for you soon. Sweet music is guaranteed to follow.

HPY@30 has lots in store. So stay tuned for more….!

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