Do you wish to register as a Voter for BPP Elections ?

Here are the links of the volunteers who will help you in various Baugs and Colonies and also contact details for those who live outside the colonies.

Register your name and please do vote – your voice is important to select the right candidate. VOTE NOW SO THAT YOU DO NOT REGRET LATER !!


We are (background music please). We are the community’s youth who are out to report the truth – free of cost – hence we are not scared to get the boot!
0We want things for the youth because the youth is going to make us proud. This is why we have taken upon ourselves to write to you to try to convince you to come and play an active part of our future (pretty please).
The BPP Elections are close by and only registered voters can vote (duh!!). We, the youth, need to bring about change in the community and we need to make sure we get a new Board of Trustees who work for the benefit of the youth! I know the current elections do no directly involve us today – but trust us it soon will because we will be stuck with new trustees for 7 long itchy years.
Hence we have decided to create THE BAWA GUIDE TO REGISTERING AS A VOTER.
Registering as a voter is easy. 3 simple steps
Step 1. Fill out the voter form. We will come give it to you or you can open the attachement which contains the form
Step 2. Submit any photo ID and 2 photos

Step 3. Sign an authority letter allowing us to pick up the form once ready.

PRESTO!! You will have your Voter ID shortly.
All you need to do is give any representative below a call on:
Farzan – 7506341146                             
Farah – 7506341138
Bennaifer – 7506341149                  
Rupina – 7506341148
Or even easier you can email us on

This is possibly the easiest guide on the planet. Come lets make a difference.

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