New Kid on the Block – Burzis Ustad

Burzis Homi Ustad, from Auckland, New Zealand won three awards at the recently concluded Burzis 2015competition held for hospitality professionals. The competition was conducted by NZ Chef Salon Association where he participated in 3 categories of Food and Beverage.
“The competition was tough” says 29 year old Aucklander who hails from Mumbai, India and is now settled with his wife Binaifer Aspar, in Auckland, New Zealand, since past 8 years. He came to complete his masters in hospitality management at AUT and since completing the course has settled in Auckland with top notch job at Hotel Hilton.
Burzis, won two silver medals at the competition, one of which came in classic cocktail making and another in wine and beverage service knowledge.
Burzis says, “Participants not only had to serve sparkling water, sparkling wine, still wine, but had to display good knowledge and explain to the judges where the wines come from, their taste and which food it compliments better with”,
He also went on to win a Bronze Medal in Mystery Box innovative table setting.
Burzis mentions, “next year will try to win a Gold Medal at this competition”. When asked where to from here, he said “I will now progress to Hilton Worldwide competition which will be held around end of this year”. In order to reach there he will have to participate in inter hotel competition, after which he will progress to Australasia Hilton Hotels competition.
He has set his eyes on going to the Hilton Worldwide (USA) competition which will be held in USA later this year.
We wish Burzis good luck as he has a tough road ahead of him, with respect to future competitions.
Courtesy : Aspi Ustad


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