Missing – Jemi Tabak

I am Jehangir Tabak ( 80 years old ), residing in Pune, Maharashtra, India, brother of Jemi Tabak who was working in Bing Han Enterprises Ltd, at corporate office  Richmond, British Columbia, Canada Banking.

We, Jemi’s brothers & sisters are worried about his well-being. Jemi as he is not in contact with us. Jemi is 74 years, we do not know how to contact him.

His email jemitabak@hotmail.com is unreachable as no response from him.

Can you please help us to contact Jemi? A humble request to you PLEASE.

Jehangir           9860062642  /   9860063801  email:   jehangirtabak@gmail.com


  • Good news – Jemi Tabak has been found in Vancouver, but in a poor condition. His family has been informed of the whereabouts. Thanks to all those who helped to find him in less than 48 hours.

  • Hi i have located Jemi tabak. please provide the telephone number of yours and arna kersa also.
    He has again lost his documents, so please provide full info. as he wants to call.
    contact his sister Jehangir 6231087 jemitabak@hotmail.com

  • I have information of Jemi Tabak. If anybody need to contact him please send the email on bobsingh84@hotmail.com as he lost his personal email address access. His health is in real bad condition, he need some help.

  • Hi most of the people know where I am . I contacted most of my friends take care

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