Looking for Mrs. Jaloo Eruch Kodia

This is Jayakumar from Abu Dhabi.

I worked in a newspaper organization called CURRENT WEEKLY – a political tabloid during June 1983-May 1986 as a Steno-Typist.  At that time, the publication office was in Nariman Bhavan, 15th Floor, Nariman Point, Mumbai-21.

The other senior team members I remember are Mr. Ayub Syed-Editor, Mr. Mohan Rao-Managing Editor, Mr. Nair-News Editor, Mr.Shiv Kumar-Chief Accountant, Mr.Ashley Mayben-Circulation Manager, Mr. Kailash-Advertisement Manager and Mr.Sarosh Dalal-EDP operator.

We had a very good, nice and lovely working atmosphere in those non-computer days.  Electronic typewriter was considered luxury.  I used to type in the manual typewriter Remington or Facit.   There was no Air-condition, still it used to be cool.  I am really cherishing the golden days as and when I remember Mrs. Kodia.  She used to sit besides me and dictate which I used to take down in short-hand.  I am trying to reminiscence the days and enjoying.

Mrs. Jaloo Eruch Kodia was my boss.  Under her guidance  (then my age was 20) I learned many things to propel my life boat in a proper and ethical way.  Mrs. Jaloo was very strict, at the same time she was kind and educated us very well, taught so many things.  Later on I had to change my job and until 1989, I remember, I was in contact with her.  She was staying opposite Apsara Cinema in Grant Road.  She has two children – Miss Kamal Eruch Kodia and Mr. Porus Eruch Kodia.  I think her husband, then, was working in Bombay Cycle and Motor Agency Ltd.

The purpose of approaching you is,  I hope your network could be able to throw some light on my query. Can you help me to contact  Mrs. Jaloo Eruch Kodia.    So that during my next trip to Mumbai I would meet her.  I am longing to see her.    I think she will be at the age of anything between 75-80.

Thanks for your understanding and feedback.






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