• anybody care to update the rates? can we do online booking?

  • farhad jalgaonwala

    at least provide rates here online

  • please can u put up more info with images of rooms etc on each dharamsalla separately

  • The manager is one of the most rude and indecent man I have ever met, we just went to jj to inquire about the rates and asked if we could see the rooms but he started talking very sarcastically and started saying that if you go to Europe do you ever check the rooms and go which did not make any sense, he was very unwelcoming and really thinks that he owns the resort if this is the case then he’s gonna loose out on customers. someone really needs to teach him how to behave with guests. if this sort of behaviour continues it will inevitably affect JJ being a choice for anyone looking for accommodation in udwada.
    All he could do was tell us decently that all rooms are full that’s all. Disappointed.

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