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The Parsi Directory App – now also on IOS!

Download from the App Store and send in your comments for this Beta Version
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So, what will you do today?


Just download the Parsi Directory Android app ( y Store or the iOS app ( and register yourself online. Reap the benefits of accessing the database of over 83,000 Parsis across the world and connecting with them online. Get latest Z-news from all over the world, Date Converter, Emergency Dialer (for senior citizens), Books, Prayers, etc. etc.
If you do not have a smart phone or android phone, just visit and register yourself online and enjoy the same benefits online.

So go ahead and STAND UP AND BE COUNTED!

Have you been counted?


Global Parsi Population on TheParsiDirectory is now 80,000+

Have you been counted?

Please register for Roj Converter / Reminder, Matrimonials, News updates from WZCC, Parsiana, Parsi Times, FEZANA, Parsi Institutions like Agiaries, Dharamshalas,  and much more.

We are carrying banner ads and have also started a Shopping Portal – do install it and check it out today –

 iOS users,  can visit and avail of most of the benefits, including registration

The ParsiDirectory App

Now, get Roj Conversion / Reminders, Daily Prayers, News and Shop online – right from TheParsiDirectory app on your Mobile. Other new features include Matrimonials & Emergency Contact for Senior Citizens

Of course, the no. 1 Directory of Zoroastrians across the world, continues to grow – NOW with more than 80,000 live entries!!

Download the Android App today –

DPA Directory

Dear Friends,

The new DPA directory will soon be ready for Print. The last one was printed in 2009. A free copy will be available to each member (family). This time we are also producing an e-copy of the complete directory which will be sent to each of you.

We plan to include advertisements from our members and others. The main idea is to give publicity to the entrepreneurs & professionals among us to enable them to reach out to other members and through them to others too. This would also support the publication cost and hopefully raise some much needed money for DPA too.

We look forward to help from each of you. Please send an Ad about the activity of your organization or even just a simple “Best Wishes” message with your name and details. We will set the matter from an email, hand written paper or Visiting card if you prefer.

Those of you who are not in Delhi anymore may like to use this space to let your Delhi friends know where you are and what you are doing now? And even add a photo??

A bonus for advertisers would be the ad .matter remaining in print for a long period as the next DPA Directory is unlikely to come out for some years.

The details about the ad. are attached . Also copied below for ease of reading .

We look forward to your wholehearted support urgently please.

Warm Regards

Niloufer Shroff, Ava Khullar and Veera Mavalwala





Please reserve advertisement space in the Telephone Directory being brought out by the DPA.

Advertisement Particulars



OUTER Dimensions   Cost (Rs.) Tick here
1.  Full Page 8 inch x 10.5 inch 11,000
2.  Half Page 8 inch x  5 inch 5,500
3.  Quarter Page 4 inch  x 5 inch 2,750


Your advertisement material or messages, accompanied by cheque/draft should reach us before the 20th December 2016 to enable us to print it in the directory, which has to be out very shortly.


Please confirm your interest and send a copy of the advertisement matter by return e-mail to


All cheques/DDs should be made in favour of “DELHI PARSI ANJUMAN” and either be given to the Office at the Anjuman or sent to Dr (Mrs.) Niloufer Noshir Shroff, E 22/A East of Kailash, New Delhi 110048.


You may also make your payment directly to

For Inland remittances

Through RTGS/ NEFT

For Foreign remittances


To Account of

Delhi Parsi Anjuman

To Account of

Delhi Parsi Anjuman


Daryaganj Branch:(0017)

IFSC Code:IOBA0000017

Account Number:001701000006173


Connaught Circus Branch

IFSC Code:CNRB0000143

Account Number:0143101008190.


P lease call me 9810152764 for any information and to confirm your interest at the earliest.



Advertising matter/Blocks to be attached to this form and also sent by email if possible.

If your insert has a Logo/Images etc the printers prefer a Coral Draw or Pdf file.

A simple message can be as a word file or even just hand -written and we will set it for you.


Name and Address of Advertiser:

Name               :  ________________________________________________________

Address           :  ________________________________________________________

Contact Person and Designation:  __________________________________________

Telephone: ____________________              E-mail:  __________________________


                                                                                       Signature of Advertiser






A New Milestone – 80,000+ COME JOIN THE FUN!


Today we crossed an important milestone – more than 80,000 registrations on THE PARSI DIRECTORY! And more that 3,500 downloads on our Android App!

Thank you friends for your overwhelming and continued support.tpd-logo

It takes just 2 minutes to join our ever growing family in easy steps :

  1.  If you have an Android Phone – Click Here, download the App and register yourself
  2. To register online, just visit and  register.

Find friends and relatives, latest news updates from multiple publications, Uthamna and Salgereh updates, Date Converter and much more!

COME – join-the-fun

The Parsi Directory – Now as an Android App has been around for over 10 years now, with more than 78,800 live registrations, making it the  Largest, Free, Worldwide Listing of Parsis, Iranis, Zoroastrians across the world. 

  1. Over the years, thousands of Zoroastrians have connected with family and friends using this medium
  2. Many non-Zoroastrians have found long lost Zoroastrian relatives and friends, by requesting information from this valuable resource
  3. innumerable Businesses have been discovered  and valuable trade and commerce has been generated online. You may find Tour Operators, Caterers, Accountants, Lawyers, Film Makers, etc. etc. incorporates Institutions like Agiaries, Associations, Baugs for Wedding and Navjotes, Dharamshalas, Sanatoriums, etc., across the world.

Both these extremely valuable resources are now available on your mobile phone as an Android App – just follow this link ( to download it from the Play Store. Once you have installed the app and registered yourself you will have the full power of connecting with any of the 78,000+ registered users based on name, location, profession or any combination of these. You will also have access to more than 750 Parsi Institutions from across the world.

Besides, you now also have the option to subscribe to Daily Roj, Salgarehs, Uthamna and Z-News from all over the world.

Make new connections, revive old ones – HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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