14 Questions for prospective Candidates

Respecting your decision to contest the BPP Trustee Election of 2015, we as community have the following points addressed to enable us to decide accordingly and do not have to go through another seven years of disrespect and agony.

BPP Elections:

Community has not recovered from the last seven years of insecurity, on account of poor leadership, commitment to deliver and working for the community cause. Differences are to be resolved in close doors. However, history teaches us to be wise. In my humble opinion to address this concern whom should we vote for?


1.    Are you willing to display your SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and threats) analysis to the community?
2.    Are you a team player – if yes, elaborating the same, not what you want to do, but how you would do it – your action plan with defined time line.
3.    Your past contribution to the cause and concerns of the community and how would you incorporate that experience as a trustee.
4.    Why you preferred to remain quite for the past seven years and in an event if you have raised your voice kindly make them public. Even if your voice has remained unheard make it public.
5.    Your perspective about the youth of our community. What do you propose to do by which our youth will stand out as humans and dwell to be entrepreneurs?
6.    Your mission, vision and value statement supported by your personal values in your DNA. Kindly define the mission, vision and value statement by an achievable time line.
7.    How would you contribute to rise the social and financial levels of Mobed Sahebs, whereby which the younger will be motivated to embrace priesthood.
8.    Your Plan of Action to protect Senior Citizens of our community and ensure a respectable life with supportive provisions, safety and their well being.
9.    How would you protect the community sentiments towards religion, religion practices and rituals?
10. Your Plan of Action to protect the community property and how you would resolve housing problem by making it affordable.
11. Today our community has several trusts doing a wonderful job, but as the efforts are being duplicated and the reach out is not maximum. Would you all collectively encourage a centralized apex body to control these activities and reach out to the genuine and needy?
12. Your views on providing medical facilities to the needy by subsidizing or making it available free to the needy and deserving Zoroastrians.
13. What would be your role in the administration of day-to-day organizational activities? Your views as regards making the BPP office a corporate entity and function democratically with responsible people with power to execute.
14. In your opinion do you feel you as trustees and the BPP administrative staffs are questionable and answerable to the community by being transparent. How do you propose to act on this point?

Thanks & Regards. Prof. Faredoon Kapadia

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Prof. Faredoon Kapadia
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  • The PARSI press in my opinion must quickly list down questions similar to the 14 proposed by Prof. Faredoon Kapadia to ask candidates to answer. The community must also be invited to send in relevant questions.

    Using their exoerience to add and modify these, the Short listed questions can be posted to the candidates giving them a week’s time for response within limited space anf time. These responses must be simultaneously printed as a supplement in the papers like jame PARSI times PARSI aawaz etc for wider readership. Based on these answers then the electorate may be able to make a wiser decision. This approach is cost effective in terms of time and money and gives little chance for manipulative efforts by candidates to the electorate avoiding public gatherings.
    Bomi Patel

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