• Opening a small Engineering College and a Medical College is totally unadvisable proposition due to our past experience wherein our esteemed forefathers had paid huge donations and capitation fees wherein some reserved seats in certain benefitted colleges, were to be mandatorily allotted to Parsi Zoroastrians students. However, some of the influential members of our community notably Mr.J.R.D.Tata had surrendered these seats. This was due to the fact that people like Tatas can afford foreign education whereas due to reservation schemes and prejudices against Parsis generally it is very difficult for middle class Parsi students to get admissions. Many minority institutions like Jains, Sindhis, Christains have maintained their reserved seats. What is the guarantee that the above will not be repeated at the instigations of rich people like Tatas?
    Instead if as claimed by you that there are large land banks why not use them to construct ownership buildings on cost to cost basis as the land is there with the community, Parsis should only pay for the cost of construction. Also, all tenancy / leave & license flats could be made ownership for Parsis who are residing in the flats for more than 30 years, since as you claim large land tracts/banks are available with the community. Please stop the practise of legal terrorism wherein Trustees / Society members harass legal residing tenants with frivolous legal cases and the poor middle class Parsi with limited means has to face the mighty Trustees/Society who have the means to hire top lawyers (money paid by the Trust / Society).

  • Agree to your suggestions Hosang,need to implement them step by step

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