Magnificent Seven

Ye Magnificent Seven

In your robes so pure

Spreading the Holy Word

I am not so sure

Having been well versed

In our Scriptures

Especially the Avesta

Preached by our

Asho Zarathushtra

It seems to me

Ye are ripping

The Community apart

By doing more harm

SInce “Thou art so scholarly

Please kindly explain the meaning

Of Yenghe Hatam

Ye are leaders not enforcers

Cannot force anything down

People’s throat

You think we will swallow

Or follow like a lamb that

To Mary school did follow

Instread of Unity

You are ripping the

Community apart


Right & left

Why may I ask

You take pleasure

In playing with our Religion

Russian Roulette

You are leaders

Preachers merely

Preaching the

Holy Word

Simple shepherds

Preaching The Holy Word

Preached by Asho Zarathushtra

He preached humbleness

Simplicity Love Respect

Tolerance & Equality

Instead of Racism

Discrimination & BIgotry



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