Zoroastrian Initiation Ceremony in Copenhagen

Zoroastrian Initiation Ceremony in Copenhagen
by “European Centre for Zoroastrian Studies”

Wonder if you have  seen this  before?

That is our  friend  Khushro K. Pardis spreading Zoroastrianism in Northern Europe.

Lucky new Zarathushtis they  get to sip wine, we got smelly nirang.



Rusi Sorabji


3 thoughts on “Zoroastrian Initiation Ceremony in Copenhagen”

  1. What a nonsensical and sickening Initiation (Navjote) Ceremony this happens to be?

    Rusi Sorabji in his infinite wisdom writes: “Lucky new Zarathushtis, they get to sip wine, we got smelly nirang”.
    On the contrary, it should read – Unlucky for these poor souls – they are misled by an Ahriman who happens to be in the guise of a human named Pardis. Incidentally or not, this rhymes well with ‘Iblis’, the Satan who flatters Zohak in an ultimate motive to plant two snakes on his shoulders, as per the Shahmeh.

    Folks, beware of the Iblisis and the Pardisis of today – they are nothing more than the rogues who are bent upon shaming our Pak Zarathushti religion.

  2. Very nice and inspiring. What a coincidence.
    I am in Kopenhagen at present for next 2 days. Where is this place?

  3. It would have been better if they had worn proper KUSHTI, and big enough for the third knot

    May be this is a modern style.

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