Please Do Not Our Religion Zoroastrianism Die!!!

Ahura Mazda gave us

A beautiful religion

Why are we hell bent

On the Path of destruction

With a heavy heart

A lump in my throat

With tears in my eyes

All I ask:

Please do not let my religion (Zoroastrianism) die!!

Asho Zarathushtra sacrificed

His precious Life

For the sake of humanity

Undauntingly tirelessly

Spreading the Divine Message

Of Universality

With no proper clothing

Or a pair of descent shoes

Does that mean anything to “you”

Give up the Ego & Pride

Lead the community

To greater heights

Put on your Thinking Caps

(not the White One)

Please do what is Right

Do not let years pass us by






6 thoughts on “Please Do Not Our Religion Zoroastrianism Die!!!”

  1. The Title is wrong. The word LET or ALLOW is missing.

    The correct title should have been:-

  2. beautiful poetry, ur intention is also good,but who is to blame for our diminishing community’s? Is it the rigid stand of orthodox dasturs,or the reformist,or the silly dikhtat that a PARSEE father marrying a nonPARSEE ,his child can be a PARSEE, but PARSEE mother marrying a non PARSEE ,her child can’t be a PARSEE .or is it the PARSEE girls of today who have independent views ,can’t cope up with in Laws?or some genetic thing where we see PARSEE boys going wayward.latest I have come to know that in colonies,PARSEE youths have taken up drugs after 7 pm,or r parents aware of them?I feel unless these problems r not solved ,our community will go on diminishing .i think a special committee of having experience of socio economic condition ,can we take their opinion ,just like fertility clinic started recently,and has been partly succeccful,same way something of that sort with initiative. From ur end might solve some problem of our community………

  3. Our religion has lasted for several centuries, so Ahura Mazda willing.. it will continue to last…………..question is will the Parsi race live on?

    Apart from Parsees there are other Zoroastrains who may continue the religion…….but do we have enough Parsees to continue our Parsi legacy?

  4. It is a. Very serious matter. People from different areas of study should sit together & debate, how to survive & improve our numbers for the next 250 years.

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