• Freddie Movdawala

    Does Mr. Ratan Tata Practice or has faith in the values of Zoroastrian Religion. How many times does he visit Fire temples in a year. As for Donations these are from the Tata Trusts which were created by Sir Ratan and Sir Dorab. How much has he donated from his own pocket to Zoroastrian Charities.
    We have invited him at Udwada. Has he ever entered Iranshah.Does he wear Sudra Kasti on a regular basis. Does he Have faith in Lord Zarthustra and he acknowleges him to be his Lord.
    I very much doubt. He loves Mardrasis

    • Mr. Tata practices his faith in the way that he lives his life which is more important than how many times he visits a fire temple or if he wears a sudra or kusti. He is an honorable man who is well respected by his colleagues, including me. He leads by example and not by hypocrisy. The world needs more businessmen and businesswomen like him. Mr. Tata embodies the spirit of Ahura Mazda and Zarthustra very well.

      • Madam,
        From your comment, it is understood that he never visits the fire temple nor wears sadra kusti. Hence, on what basis has he been invited to grace a religious function? Is it only because he is a rich industrialists? I am sure for all christain religious functions like centenary of a church only christain religious leaders only belong to that sect are invited to grace such occassions. I am sure that converts from christainity to other religions will not grace such religions nor will be invited.

      • As a prominent, , world-renowned Parsi, Mr. Tata should have been invited. Not inviting him reflects poorly on the community.

        I did not state that he never attends a fire temple or wears a sudra or kusti. I said that it does not matter whether he does or not. He demonstrates his faith in the way that he lives his life which is far more important than those people who do attend a temple/church/mosque all the time but yet lead a life of hypocrisy. You do not have to physically enter a religious building to practice a religion. Your faith, your beliefs, your religion reside in your heart and soul.

        In America there is a lot of inter-faith dialogue and events. I live in Washington, DC and the Pope visited recently. People of all faiths were invited to attend his two masses and various public events. Prominent rabbis, imams and orthodox leaders were in attendance, as well as the general public. Also every Ramadan, the Muslim community opens up their mosques to non-Muslims to celebrate iftar or the breaking of the fast. Diwali occurs in a few days and the Indian-American community has issued an invitation to the public to celebrate with them. Members of the American Zoroastrian family also attend these inter-faith events. Inter-faith dialogue and events are the best way to understand different religions and culture.

  • I totally agree with your view. I congratulate you for giving a frank and honest view which is the correct representation of the House of Tatas and their view of Zoroastrianism. Normally I see views expressed on this site as well as other Zoroastrian sites biased in favour of rich industrialists and sethias.

    I think I need to even congratulate the moderator for allowing this honest comment to be reflected on this site.

    I have closely and logically observed the house of Tatas even during the times of Mr.J.R.D.Tata . The rise of power and influence of Tatas and their bias towards the majority community has led to the demise of the Parsis. I very much doubt whether he will wear Sudra Kasti even when entering Udwada Atashbehram and this will definitely lead to sacrilege of the Atashbehram. Inspite of all the above known to many Zoroastrian faith adhering Parsis/Iranis yet, we (Zoroastrians) are giving undue importance to such people. Such is the foolish state of affairs of our community. The Tatas are only interested in outliving the Zoroastrian religion. I doubt whether the other communities would have given any importance to such people involved in anti- religious and community activities.

    Further,Mr.Tamboli and Dastur Kurshed has invited one of the chief guests who was involved in mass state sponsored genocide.

    Our community will have to bear the consequences for the above.

  • i love and respect sir ratan tata,he is a great man not because his is rich,because he is richest in his taughts to avoid doing bussiness with pakis.without tata we are nothing.thank god one man does so manythings.god bless sir ratan tata.

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