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Greetings from Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (“HWPL”), a peace organization with an international presence spread throughout more than 100 countries. HWPL is proceeding to achieve world peace by co-operating with political, religious, women and youth leaders around the world.

It is with great excitement to write to you in regards to the WARP(World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit) that was held for three days from the 17th to the 19th of September 2014 in Seoul, South Korea. This summit is different from any gatherings in the world. There are all levels of the society from 127countries: Former and current President, Prime Minister, Heads of states, Chief Justices, UN representatives, political and religious, youth and women leaders and the press. Surprisingly, most of them came to South Korea with their own expense with sincere hearts to get advice for solution of peace from the chairman of HWPL.


-To watch the highlight video of the WARP summit

The WARP summit was a small seed of HWPL’s peace movements. After the summit, HWPL has been harvesting the fruits from each field.

Plus, I am much privileged to inform you that we held the 1st and 2nd WARP(World Alliance of Religions’ Peace) Office meeting in Stockholm successfully.



We are working with political,women, youth leaders and media to achieve world peace.  Moreover, we have put lots of efforts on resolution of religious conflicts and misunderstanding as well with religious leader. As seeing lots of severe religious conflicts and wars in the world, we would like to ask your participation for resolution of religious conflicts.

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[About WARP Office]


The main goal of the WARP Office is to find the answers for peace from the holy book of each religion, and the speakers need to prepare their speech based on the scriptures for the topic given. This same topic is discussed by different religious representatives at the WARP Offices around the world and their speech will be collected by the head office of HWPL so that their script could be used to find the common ground of religions and answers for peace. 


We have publicized a HWPL World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Office Journal which shares the results from the WARP Offices that are being operated throughout the world. In this month’s journal, some of the active WARP Offices were selected and the corresponding speeches from those meetings have been reported. Also, there are the photos of all the WARP Offices that were held during the month of October.


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To see inside of Journal on October


As you can see, good script which is based on the scriptures will be put in the journal to be distributed to all the members of HWPL. Recently, more and more religious leaders around the world are joining to build WARP Office and finding the fundamental teaching from religious scriptures to achieve peace. We strongly believe your efforts would be crucial impact on not only resolving religious conflicts but also leading people to the right way according to its teaching.

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We hope to bring you more upbeat news through the HWPL WARP Office Journal by introducing the results from the active Scripture Dialogues among various religions.

If you may have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Moreover I’d like to suggest skype meeting with you for next WARP Office and find way can achieve peace together.

Please tell me your available time within 11th(Wed)~12th(Thu).

Thank you.



1st WARP Office and 2nd WARP Office in Stockholm, Sweden




Min-woo Kang

Staff Liaison

Mob +82 10- 6600 – 0203


WARP website:



Preview YouTube video About WARP Office

About WARP Office


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