If I had a time machine

I surely would go

Back in time

To see what it

Was like to

Live & breathe

The religion which

Was for all human kind

What an honour

To retrace the steps where

On dusty unpaved roads

Asho  Zarathusthtra tread

In alleys & byways

Each day

His Pristine Message

He tried to spread.

Folks then lead a

A life so simple

Their humdrum life

Hardly made a ripple

Tho’ their wants too
Were very simple

Their needs  very few

One they never forgot

To give Ahura Mazda
His Dues

The lights may have faded

Great King Cyrus & Darius

Have come & gone

Zoroastrianism has not

And will not be forgotten

As the faithful have

Will forever carry on

Aug 25th 2006


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