Archeologist Paleontologist

Historians labouring

Digging excavating in the

Sweltering heat

From head to toe

Covered in sweat

Surrounded by a

Whirling sandy mist

To reveal & to show case

To the world

Ruins of the mighty empire

Forgotten city of Persepolis

As the ruins lay scattered

Miles around on the

Royal dusty ground

Imagine they could reveal

The  secrets  of

What went on behind

These Magnificent
Palace Walls!!!!

Slowly  & steadily as

The ruins are pieced together

A beautiful vibrant city

Comes to mind

Ruled by benevolent
Great Persian Kings

With an iron fist

And a velvet glove

Bringing Peace Justice
Tolerance to all of

Human kind

Vive la difference
C’est la vie

Persia was an empire

Strong & free

Proudly displayed it’s

Unique Kaleidoscopic tapestry


Persepolis  was  once

Such place

Xerxes Darius Cyrus

It’s palaces did grace

What luxury!! What opulence

Instead they traded these by

Following the Pristine Message

To secure Ahura Mazda’s Grace


Before the Great Call comes

The sunset gleams

Just once I would like to

Lay my eyes & tread

The dusty Royal path

Of this beautiful city

By fulfilling my

My life long dream

Visiting the land of
Our forefathers

The Fogotten City that is Persepolis

Farida Bam


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