Parenting now a click away with MotherHen – Ahshad Jussawalla

productIn the digital age where almost everything is available at the touch of a finger, a mobile app – MotherHen, promises to be a rewarding experience for new Moms all over by providing them with a platform to connect with each other and access any information regarding parenting on their finger tips.
Co-founder of MotherHen, Aditi Jussawalla speaks about this unique concept.
1.   Could you tell us how the thought of MotherHen app came into being?

As a new mom in a city like Mumbai where one is hard pressed for time, the initial parenting phase was overwhelming for me. I would take my son to the library and park regularly where I would meet like minded moms looking to make friends and share their experiences on motherhood. This is when the idea came to me, that why not connect these moms on one platform so they can benefit from each others experiences on parenthood. I discussed this with my husband and after much brain storming we developed the idea further. After conducting initial research we found that the new age smart moms have to sift through several websites, Facebook groups and apps to find information on parenting issues, kids based services and events, deals etc. There was a need to address all these concerns on one platform, accessible to all moms in the easiest possible way.

This is when MOTHERHEN was born, a mobile app based community for Moms to connect with each other within their city and support each other on their day to day challenges of parenting and share their experiences and joys of motherhood.

2.    How can it help a Mother in her day to day activity?

MotherHen acts as a Google of sorts for parenting, addressing the needs of new age moms in a free and accessible way. The content is carefully curated and personalized on the basis of location.

Community moms can gain insights from articles written by experts and other moms. They can chat with like minded moms on a real time basis and get answers to their questions, and can also seek expert advice from child nutritionists, paediatricians, speech therapists and psychologists at their finger tips. The app also provides up to date information on kids activities, events and deals in the city, as well as listings of popular child related services like play areas, party planners, doctors, toy libraries etc.

3.    What makes it different from the other apps in the market?

MotherHen differentiates itself by first of all having a very niche audience – it is a Moms only community. Each and every user is verified to ensure that she is a mom. We do not have any fathers in the community as we want it to be a platform where moms can feel secure sharing their problems and expertise.

Also, it is the first ever platform in India for moms that acts as a one stop shop for Parenting. We aim to address all parenting needs for new age moms through this one platform.

4.    On what platforms is it available?

It is available for free on iOS on iTunes and on Android on Google PlayStore. You can download our app from our website www.motherhen.inas well.

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