“O man who ever thou art, from where so ever thou cometh, for I know you shall come for I am Cyrus who founded the Empire of the Persians. Grudge me not, therefore this little  piece of earth that covers my body” (www.wikipedia.com)


His cylinder was his diary

Where he inscribed his thoughts

“How one should treat & be treated

Not like a slave who is being humiliated

Poked prodded waiting to be bought”


“Every human doesn’t need

To be discriminated because of

Colour Caste Religion or Creed

But with Self Respect Tolerance

Equality as well Dignity

Is what humans need”


He was a man with a mission

Who had a very clear vision

Soon realized that too much venom

Of violence & hatred
Was being spewed

Doing nobody any good

Throughout his might

Persian Empire

His vision of Peace

He did enhance

By giving “Peace A Chance”


He was just and noble ruler

Though his fame spread

Far and wide

He was a simple down

To earth soul

Without Ego or Pride


He built himself a

Magnificent palace

Befitting a king

But when he passed away

He did not want to be

Buried with neither bejeweled robes

Or precious belongings

Nor a marble tomb

With the epitaph

Alas! Instead

“Here lies Cyrus

The Persian King”

A simple clump

Of earth was his covering


Farida Bam








  • The first human rights code of conduct.

  • We do not own Zoroastrianism. Once the SOUL leaves the body it has none of the 5 senses. We don’t know what is going on up there! Unless someone has risen from the dead & come back!

    Ahura Mazda doesn’t have a sorting machine sorting souls. According to our death rituals even the Sadra Kusti when one wears is torn & the body is laid bare for the vultures to devour. Does that make Sense?

    Hence all one is left is one’s Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds! As one is judged by the type of life one has led in this world!

    So please wake up & smell the Roses.

  • Good and fair comment Farida!

  • It’s only when the Great Call comes the Sunset Gleams that’s when the realization will set it
    in. But Alas! It’s too late to turn back or change the hands on the clock!

    Thank You James!

    Choicest Blessings


  • Ushta All

    I would very much appreciate your feed back on any poem I pen. email is


    Choicest Blessings


  • I quote what a Jame jamshed staff reporter penned:
    (I do salute you for your words of wisdom)!

    The clock of life is wound but once
    And no man has the power
    To tell just when the hands will stop
    At late or an early hour
    Now is the only time you own
    Live Love toil with a will
    Place no Faith in Time
    For the clock may soon be still

    Does it ring a bell?

  • Return to your Zoroastrian Roots is a brillaint concept encouraging young Zoroastrians to return back
    But there is ONE BIG FLAW! Stop Racism Discrimination Bigotry! by bringing down The WAll!!

    We all know why there is decline in the Zoroastrian population, STOP GROVELLING & DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!

  • By the way the Youths are dissatisfied with the leaders of the community that’s why we are losing our youths in numbers so if the leadership gets straightened out nothing is going to happen.

    So I request the youths to Join In BrInging THE Wall DOWN. You (Youths) cam do it

    “YES WE CAN”!

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