Prayers for the dear departed

Many times, in remote places, Mobeds are not available for prayers for the dear departed. In such cases, the family members should not be deprived of having obsequies performed for the deceased. Prayer Hall, Worli, has come out with audio files, which have the prayers for all the ceremonies, with a 10 second gap, for putting in the name of the deceased, wherever required.

Click on each of the links for the full prayers.


Click Here for MP3

Geh Sarnu

Click Here for MP3


Click Here for MP3

Afternoon Uthamna

Click Here for MP3

Mid-Night (Pachhli Raat-nu) Uthamna

Click Here for MP3

Cherum (Charam / Chahram) nu Jashan


Courtesy: Dinshaw Tamboly





  • This is great. Its a great relief for the super senior citizens who are immobilized. They too can offer the prayers. God Bless.
    May be soon we may get on line viewing of some of the ceremonies being performed like Jashan at Radio club house on Ava Yazad Parab day. Some of us live so far its not possible for us to be a part of the Jashan.

  • Dear Sirs, Thank you for all your good articles. Is there a way where we can download the ‘Prayers for the Departed’? Thanking you in anticipation, Jal

  • Why agyari does not take panthak why they refuse for other prayers

  • Thank you so much for this useful article.

  • Dear Sir, Would love to know the name of the mobed who has recited these prayers.His voice is so clear. Thank you.

  • Dear Sir,
    Also a note to let you know that iam unable to download these prayers as save file as doesnt work as its in a html page which gets downloaded and not in an audio format. pls check and update if possible .Thank You.

  • This is so useful. This mobed has pronounced each n every word so distinctly.

  • This was required, by us who are abroad. Thank you.

  • Kashmira Ichhaporia

    Just good to boost our religion.

  • Zarin Burjor Avari

    Thanks for all the help with prayers.Please can you tell me what one has to do on the first year death anniversary?

  • Navaz Shahrukh Katpitia

    Dear Dinshaw Uncle,
    It is indeed wonderful of you to have made these essential prayers available on net for people who are stranded without mobeds.
    You have always worked for the betterment of the Community… The living… And now for the Dead too. Kudos to you.

  • Can I request for the Varsi prayers please.

  • For us who are abroad, can we have the Varsi prayers.

  • Thank you so much for these prayers. In these covid times when we can’t go to the agiary to attend the four days of prayers, I guess we can play them at home in front of a diwa of our departed souls.
    I will be grateful if you can PLEASE add the Patet Rawani

  • Rohinton Tarapore

    Very true

  • Marzban Ardeshir

    Mr. Tamboli and Mr. Tantra are doing a great service to our community. Thank you.

  • This is a great service to the community & an awesome idea. Thank you so much.

  • thanx a million. so thouthful to give us this most essential service to our community. yes requesting for other necesary prayers too. 🙏🙏

  • All the audio prayers for the departed like sarosh and uthamna can we have those in print as well

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