Raising funds to do refugee support work in Lesvos

Dear all,


Next week, my friends, Maddy Evans, Zak Suffee, and I will be traveling to Lesvos, Greece, to help with the refugee support work ongoing there.

Each day about 1000-1200 people arrive by boat on the island. The logistics involved in supporting them while they await registration and being processed through the system, are immense and require the constant replenishment of person power.

While we will be covering the majority of the costs of our own time there, we need help with costs such as car rental (to shuttle people from the landing points to the registration locations and camps) as well as to buy supplies as needed by them at our points of operation.

I hope you will not mind my sending you this message. If you are able to donate to our crowdfunded, that would be great. And no worries if not! Could you also please help spread this appeal to your friends, family and wherever else…?


Please do let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you! Take care,

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