Survey on Declining Demographiccs

We have almost completed a Survey based on DATA, OBSERVATIONS that has led to FINDINGS.

If the community of Parsi/Irani/ Zarthustis wish to SURVIVE  they would need to develop  responses to the findings in a UNITED WAY and implement  responses just as we do in American Corporations and Organizations that wish to survive changing times.
Some of the findings are similar to those already identified in Delhi University Report, TISS report, Roshen Rivetna’s presentation…but what this report does and is different from others is that it has  identifying priorities, importance, based on actual numerical data in scientific, sociological, religious terms.
This survey has been verified and validated and it was done in 30 days.
In the USA TIME IS MONEY it is our most precious commodity.
Please fill one out so that you can experience the variables that have been considered.
Have a wonderful NEW YEAR at Zoroastrian Studies.
Courtesy : Porus Dadabhoy

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  • There is a hitch somewhere…

    It’s not allowing us to complete some of the items in the survey and therefore we cannot proceed.


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