Mathemagician Minoo Jokhi recently had a 7 day visit to Ahmedabad where he left a deepmy_pic_4 impression in the minds of the people.

Minoo performed before the Rotary Club of Ahmedabad Metro, Rotary Club of Ahmedabad North, a school in Bawla, a special Public-Speaking competition  students group who were to perform before the Honorable Gujarat Chief Minister Anandiben Patel Madam, and for the Wonderful Zoroastrian Community, for whom he did two shows; one for the Community at large and one for the young Zoroastrian kids and their parents. Minoo dazzled before each of their audiences with his mind-blowing Math and Memory Skills. The audiences were stunned that Minoo could tell anyone in the audience the day on which they were born e.g. 9th June 1988 was a Thursday. The students and their parents were stunned to see Minoo calculate Maths Tables of big numbers in the easiest possible manner and he also taught the children useful fast Calculation Tricks which would help them in their studies and day to day life.

Talking of Minoo’s abilities; he can recite mentally Maths Tables till 1,00,00,000 and Cube Roots till 1,00,00,00,000 and Square Roots till 10,00,000. He is also capable of multiplying at amazing speed and he also knows Squares, Cubes and Factorials. He also has a phenomenal memory and can remember over 3,000 phone numbers, mobile numbers and Date of Births. He never saves a number in his mobile since he remembers them ALL in his mind. Minoo has travelled to many places displaying his talents. He has performed in USA, Canada, Spain, Indonesia and in Sri Lanka he has made 7 visits displaying his Mathemagic Skills. He has performed over 650 Mathemagic Shows and has been all over Mumbai and also to Bangalore, Chennai, Kerala, Dharampur, Rajkot and Kolkata and now Ahmedabad. Minoo loves to speak before an audience and he has absolutely no STAGE FEAR having won 14 FIRST PRIZES in PUBLIC-SPEAKING.

Minoo was particularly pleased that after doing 6 Shows in Colombo in 2014 and 6 Shows in Bangalore in 2015; he had a HAT-TRICK of 6 Successful Shows in Ahmedabad in 2016. He was a failure in Maths in School and thanks to his mother’s encouragement he became what he is today. He thanks the GOD MIGHTY and looks forward to more programmes and enthralling more and more people.


  • Burjor K Kapadia

    Dear Minoo,
    If you remember me, I met you with your mother some months back down below my house, i.e.Kuvar House, which is very close to where you stay.
    I congratulate you for your matematical skill and am proud that a Parsee could excel in the way you have accomplish. My good wishes to you for the future.
    Baji Kapadia.

  • The community is proud of you dear Minoo Jokhi

  • Freny Farokh. Panthaki

    Hi Minoo This is Mrs Panthaki your English teacher from HVB. So proud to read about your success. All the very best always.

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