We try to wear

What’s in fashion

Regardless of where

Its made

India Korea China

Phillipines or Bangladesh


Labourers sweat on
Pennies a day

Cramped together

like sardines

Toiling away from

Sunrise to setting of sun

In harsh ill-ventilated conditions

On making clothes

So that we look

Primp & proper everyday!


They work their fingers

To the bone

Sweat covering rest

Of the body

Inhaling stale dirty air

Day in day out

So that their loved ones

Cannot breakfast lunch

Or dinner do without


Innocent lives were lost

Some even lost their precious limbs

For what?

So we can shop from

High end stores!!!
Greed is our form of sin

The more one has

The more one wants

In these circumstances

It’s the innocent victims

Unaware were caught


Our children are

Well fed  well clad

With  no care

In the world

The thought of

Poor innocent children

Running around hungry & bare!








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