Mother’s day is dedicated to
All mothers who have lost
Their innocent kids
Who never meant any harm
A gut wrenching feeling to
Have been snatched from
Their mother’s arms
No dozen roses
Chocolate boxes
Or Mother’s Day
Greeting Card
Will ever ease the
Excruciating pain
As well feeling of  emptiness
Throbbing in their hearts

Kids are like a
Hidden Treasure
We have grown
To love & trust
Uncut gleaming crystals
Pure crystals
Diamonds in the rough

I wear your shoes
I feel your anguish
Including your pain
Hoping unfortunate events
Never occur again
I tread the sad lonely path
That you seem to tread
Please please take comfort
That the darling innocent kids
Are in Divine care instead

PS dedicated to all mothers who have lost their loved ones.

May the Divine be there to wrap His arms around you
As well the little angels always be there to protect you.


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