“I Want To Be Free”

I want to break free

Unchain the chains

Which bind me

To think live & breath free!


No one can force

Their will on others

As we have a free will

So unchain yourselves

From the “Old Boys Club”

‘Cause I bet you wanna be free!!!


The old boys club is

Made of mortals
Which includes the

“Pure White Robed”

When the great call comes

The sunset gleams

When their souls are judged

Their egos will melt

Their power will fade
As they are under

The presence of

Ahura Mazda’s gaze.

They are bound to say:

“Wish we had got

Racism Discrimination

And Bigotry out of the way

Instead brought about unity

In our Zoroastrian Community”           `


You have the

Power of Reasoning

As well as a Free Will

So listen to your

Inner selves

And set yourselves


Farida Bam <faridabam@gmail.com>










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