• Because s/he does not have sense of belonging and puts self before natural biological function of reproduction. Others fulfill this duty in spite of deprivation , poverty , hardship etc. All encouragements , incentives (private or public) will fail till they learn to sublimate their desire to be comfortable ; willingly face what may come in their way to be with their kith and keen and add to whatever intrinsic wealth they have inherited from their parents to pass on to future generations. It should be clearly understood that govt. of India is spending tax-money paid by “other” poorer people , in the interest of Parsis who refuse to include spouses of parsi women and their progeny thereby . As a last resort , some parsi woman should come forward to act as surrogate mother of a parsi child. Hope this writer would be pardoned for harsh words !

    Himanshu Muni

    On Thu, Aug 18, 2016 at 12:59 AM, WordPress.com wrote:

    > yazdi posted: “The Parsi are a small Indian community in danger of > extinction but India’s government is trying everything to stop the > population decline. https://youtu.be/Swy70pIZOW0” >

  • Change your Racists attitudes & get of high Horse & Bring Down the Wall & stop treating Zoroastrian women married to non Zoroastrian & treat their children like PARIAHS!!

  • Who says we are going extinct? I wish our Parsi publications would print details of births each week. Plz include global Parsi population when calculating the census

  • when parsees had half a dozen there were comments. All parsees are not well-off. Even in jobs they are cornered and they are ousted. Those who are there say no, and those who are ousted say yes. Those praises comes from people who were helped by parsees e.g. by aakar patel, also the culture and ethics plays a role. sala kaam dhanda nahi nay trun bacha janam ya, was a mantra. Cannot the motor gadi walla, bungla wallah make them stand more firmly . There are many esoteric priests who knows the future of MAZDAYASNA THEN THE CREMATORIUM WALLAHS. I DID MY BEST TO WRITE GUJRATI

  • We are talking about JIYO PARSI
    No need to mention mortality here


  • Dear Jamshedarjani

    Allow me to put my two cents in; One question “Why are we moaning & groaning as to the decline of the Parsi Population? Look around you. If you recall when Mr Nusli Wadia (with due respect) he was married to a non-Zoroastrian. Getting on in years he finally decided to get his navjote done. He writes a letter to the “Magnificent Seven” High Priests One of them if I may quote Mr Firoze Kotwal who was once High priests of the Wadia Atash Behram stated that who ever marries outside the religion cannot COME BACK! Well what does he do? He does an about face & allows the initiation of Mr Wadia to go head. That D own Right Sacrilege The reason being $ (funding of the Wadiaji Atash Behram would stop)

    Mr Wadia was a Philanthropist & believed in Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds!
    He did a lot of Charity & did not need any permission to be entered into the fold

    He lived by the tenets of our religion as a True Zoroastrian. Does one need more examples of the Racism Discrimination Bigotry in Zoroastrianism? I can fill volumes

    Need I say more?.

    Last bu

  • Racism Bigotry Racism in Zoroastrianism. & one wonders why there is a decline in the Parsi Population?

    I’ll give one example of Mr Nusli Wadia a true Philanthropist. He married a non Zoroatrian as he went on in years he decided to get his navjote done. He approached the
    Magnificent Seven (High Priests) Some stuck to their beliefs but Dastoor Firoze Kotwal flipped & granted Mr Wadia to get his navjote done. The reason being he was head of the Wadiaji Atash Behram & was scared that the funding would stop. That what one calls a Bigot. Mr Nusli Wadia did not need permission to be admitted into the fold. He lived according to our tenets,. A true Zoroastrian

    2ndly the Former BPP sued the two noble priests who were performing ceremonies for the relatives who had deceased & opted to be cremated. What right had the former BPP to act in such Bigoted Matter? They used to rob from the poor & give to the rich. Who are they to dictate?
    Folks stand up & have a spine if one wants Zoroastrianism to

  • Racism Discrimination Bigotry is rampant in our religion

    If our own Wada Dasturji Firoze Kotwal can practice Bigotry. What kind of example is he setting for the laity? One of our noted Philanthropist NuslI Wadia going on in years decided he wanted in. He appealed to he Magnificent Seven (High Priests for approval).
    Folks I am not nit picking either. Ervad Kotwal believes that “Zoroastrianism is for Zoroastrians only” then why did he flip & allow Mr Nusli Wadia for his Navjote to go ahead?
    Is it because he was the head of the Wadiaji Atash Behram & the funding would stop?

    Mr Nusli Wadia did not need approval to be initiated. He was a True Zoroastrian living according to the Tenets of our Religion (Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds).

  • It is all very confusing , sometimes we are swayed one way , sometimes another, with the pro and con views given. Best to count as a Zoraostrian one who lives by good thoughts, good words and good deeds. All may not be able to be a Parsi but anyone who lives by the dictum of leading a pure, unselfish and honest life, is a Zoroastrian and that is far more important than being just a Parsi. After all, a rose by any name smells just as sweet.

    • Good Morning all

      We have been
      Endowed with a
      Good Mind
      Including the
      Power of Reasoning
      Let’s do a Good Deed
      And make Asho Zarathushtra proud
      Or Just sit around & do nothing
      Or give Him the pleasure
      Of becoming a
      vanishing Breed!!!

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