Wedding at WZO Trust Funds Senior Citizens Centre, Navsari



By: Dara M. Rivetna

On September 16, 2016 early in the morning there was a lot of Tam-dum & preparations for a traditional Parsi Wedding.  As some of the lady members of the staff were preparing the ses and some others doing the chock and Toran while some old familiar Parsi wedding songs were playing on a CD player in the foyer of the center.


As is our tradition, first there was Sev-dahi and banana for breakfast followed by Sagan nu Dhan Dar for lunch. The couple Mr. Rumy Postwalla 66yrs. was engaged to Ms. Gool Bulsara 63yrs. After the engagement there was madasoro ceremony with Zubin Amroliawalla, Panthaky of the Sir J J agairy in Malesar, Navsari officiating and leading the wedding party in prayers.


This is the second marriage celebrated between residents of the senior citizens center. Both the couples met here at the center. However there is a different twist to this one as both Rumy and Gool had met 50+years back and had an eye for each other. Rumy has been a resident of WZO Trust Funds SCC for a few years and just a few months back Gool who is a senior and was earlier widowed came to stay at the center, met again and re-kindled their love for each other.


Their union was solemnised in the evening  in the foyer of the Centre  on September 16, 2016 through the traditional ‘Aashirwad’ ceremony conducted by Er. Zubin Amroliwalla and Er. Keki Dastoor, in the presence of High Priest Dasturji Kaikhshru Dastoor Meherjirana at our Centre, witnessed by their family members, their co-residents, our administration & staff and a few guests.


Following the nuptials, the gaiety and merriment shifted to Jamshed Baug, where all present enjoyed a sumptuous lagan nu bhonu, patra fish, chicken in cashew gravy, prawn pulao dar and kulfi catered to by the enterprising  Sunnoo Kasad of Navsari.


The whole affair was very ably organized by Sharmin Tamboly, Administrator of the Center and her entire team with encouragement of Bachi & Dinshaw Tamboly.

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