When the deep sea divers

Unravel the mystery

Of the deep blue sea

Beautiful coral reefs

Colourful plankton

Snaky eels

Same way I feel about Zoroastrianism

As slowly & steadily

All the rich traditions

Culture are being revealed to me


Meher signifies the glorious sun

Always up at the crack of dawn

Giver of light warmth & heat

Without which we would

Freeze to death

The day would not be complete
Meher takes relationships

Very very seriously

In dealing with one another

If one fails to keep one`s word
Surely from Meher one will hear


Whether they be Yazatas

Amesha Spenta

They are actually Divine Attributes

Of Ahura Mazda!


PS: Even if the world were dark & cold

Where we would have to grope our way

With smiles on our faces

And happiness in our hearts

We can wipe the misery away!

Farida Bam

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