One must have

Surely visited

The site: http:/www.zoroastrians.net

It’s mind boggling to

Read the information

On Zoroastrianism one gets


It wouldn’t have been possible

Without a driving force like

Mr Yazdi Tantra who

Likes to keep

The Flame Alive

Of our religion


Named after our

Dear Prophet

Asho Zarathushtra


Thank you for

All you have done

And continue to do

Linking Zoroastrians

From all over the world

Wouldn’t have been possible without you.


Choicest Happiness


Farida Bam


4 thoughts on “Zoroastrians.net”

  1. I truly humbled by your feed backs. Thank you all! As I have stated please keep them coming!

    Thanking you all for your ongoing support

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