The stars & moon

Come out to play

Is it  already

That time of day?

The stars go  twinkle

Twinkle brightly in the

Dark inky sky

While the  moon

In her silvery shoon

Go floating by!


As I lay me down

To a peaceful sleep

Hearing a faint voice

It seems from
Far away land

Awake I did keep:


“Please please with

Tears in my eyes
As well as on bended knee

Stop this Depravity Racism

Discrimination Bigotry”

I have no where to go

Or to hide

No food to eat

Except dust mud
And stone to bite

No cozy  bed to sleep

No pillow for my head

Missing my darling mom

As well as dad who at

Night would read me book

And tuck me to bed



After having lost

My entire loving family

Does any one have

Ounce of pity?
I am tired  hungry

Dusty & cold

Am bloodied all over

Scabs covering my body

Wandering hither & tither

Amongst the lonely streets

Bare footed & corns on my feet

Surrounded by  dead bodies

Hoping against hope

Somebody to meet


There are many

Innocent children like me

Who have committed

No crimes against Humanity

Why should we suffer like this?

I  would like to ask:

“Why Me”?


….. Farida Bam


  • Beautifully describes the atrocities of adults and the state of little innocent children caught in the fighting. Thanks Farida Bam.

  • ‘W H Y M E” describes everything when you ask GOD why me

  • Written with a lot of compassion and sensitivity.

  • Heartbreaking

  • Thank you all for all your feed backs. Please keep them coming!
    Sorry in delay in replying!

  • Very touching & well written

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