Won’t we all

Love to go treasure hunting?

Find artifacts that lie

Deep beneath the ocean’s floor

Well I have discovered

Precious hidden treasure

Which I never knew

Existed before!!!


If “Zoroastrian” was a country

I wonder who would enter?

Who would be denied entry?

Would there be a

Chain link fence or

Barbed wire or a

Huge brick wall?

That will  deter

“Impure Zoroastrians”

To enter?


Will they need some

Form identification?

IDs or at least a “passport”

So that they “do not

Defile the “Pure Zoroastrians”

Who have been holding “Centre Court”


Why this egoisitic policy?

Create rules where

There are none?

No one Owns this  Religion

Except the Person

Asho Zarathusra!

After whose name

We called Zoroastrians!


There is enough hatred

Racism Discrimination

Bigotry where ever

One looks

Why should we create

Add to it?

When its not

Specified  in our

Holy Books.


We have been

Endowed with

A Good Mind

Which includes

The Power of Reasoning

So just let’s

Record straight

Or keep moaning

And groaning

Till we become

Someone else’s bait

We have the power

To do a Good Deed

Do nothing

And become

A Vanishing Breed

Oct 29th 2016








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