“A Mistake which makes you


Is much better than an


That makes you



Asho Zarathushtra preached

A very simple message:

“Be Humible be tolerant

Be respectful towards one another

Regardless of colour caste or creed

As in the end all one needs

Good Thoughts Good Words Good Deeds

May one lead a  life of selflesness

‘Cause it is said:

“Happiness to those

Who seeks Happiness for others”



Most Zoroastrians

Are simple folk

Toil from sunrise

To the setting of sun

Working their fingers

To the bone

Without ego pride or


There are some

Who work silently tireslessy

For the benefit of humanity

Without Racism Discrimination
As Bigotry


He doesn’t care money

Nor for fame

But one thing

He cares about

How we

“Play the Game”


Zoroastrianism is not a

Superior Religion

Neither it is inferior

The motto being:

“To each their own”

As there No Rules

In the end

The trap set
As there is no


When the
Day of Judgement arrives

The soul paces to & fro

“Will I be freed or fried”

Alas it’s a  little too late

“Cause the”Soul is at
The Pearly Gates”


Farida Bam




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  • Exactly what i would like to say, except that at the end i do not think a soul is fried, because life has been a learning curve and a soul is lovingly made to see the mistakes it has made in its incarnation and made to learn from them, so no need to fear death.

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