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4 thoughts on “Now, Uthamna Archives”

  1. Yazdi, why do we always have to post mortality stats about Parsees? I think our Humdins would be thrilled to read about new additions, joyful births in the community. It would take plenty of legwork, visiting hospitals and private maternity homes which are usually frequented by Parsees, but then it could be streamlined by requests to readers in Parsi Times, the Jame Jamshed, WordPress and even in the Online Parsi Directory to inform the media about new births in the community with basic details about the birth. These could be printed each week and we will be assured of a loud Hurrah by the community.

    1. Wonderful idea – can someone take on the responsibility for promoting, collecting, collating and submitting this information to me? I will be most happy to publish it

  2. Yazdi, Thanks very much for appreciating my suggestion. I am 60 years old and having cardiac and blood pressure problems or else I would have loved to do the needful. However, your on-lyne staff can visit Parsee General Hospital, Breach Candy Hospital, St. Elizabeth’s Nursing Home, Cumballa Hill Hospital and also meet popular gynaecologists like Dr. Mulla, Dr. Bhada and find out about more Nursing Homes which suit the needs of Parsee ladies, and get the stats. I am sure that the Doctors I mentioned above maintain immaculate records and can also inform your staff about other gynaecologists who have Parsi patients and hospitals which are preferred by Parsi ladies. This is just for starters. I trust you must be reading my articles in Parsi Times sometimes.

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