May your sweet selfless soul

Rest in eternal peace

Free of

Of sickness & disease

In Ahura,Mazda’s care

Surrounded by His

Maiden’s fair


You were articulate

Smart as well full of wit

Wherever you went

With your Black book of jokes

You were a hit

Socially you were

The Glue that bound

Friends together

Kept them stitches with

Fun & laughter


You led your life

The Zoroastrian way

Selflessly silently

Who need help

Came your way!

You did not differentiate
Between a pauper or prince

But did it because you

Believed in Good Thoughts

Good Words Good Deeds.

Now that you are gone

All the loving memories
Will never be forgotten

But will forever linger on!


May your sweet soul rest in eternal peace

Your loving sister

Farida Soli

Monday Jan 2nd 2017





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