Looking for details of Dr. Rustom Framjee Divecha

Having found your directory on line, I wondered if you could help me trace the birthplace of my grandfather.
I believe that he was born in India and trained as a medical practitioner in India and that he was interested in the Zoroastrian religion.
He subsequently travelled to England in 1919 and practiced medicine there as a general practitioner.
His name is Dr. Rustom Framjee Divecha, date.of.birth. 26/11/1894 date of death 21/10/1980. His father Dr. Framjee Divecha was also a medical practitioner and practiced in India.
I have traced my grandfather through the British Medical Register and believe that he also registered as a medical practitioner in India in 1925 at this address …Mody Nimar, Parel, Bombay.
I would dearly like to find where he was born and where, in India, he trained as a doctor. I believe he may have come from Mumbai.
I would be very grateful for any advice you can give me. If you feel that your directory may help then I will register to access it. Also if you could let me know if there is a register of medical practitioners in India that I can access.
Thank you in anticipation.

Mrs. Brenda Knight


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