Please Ponder


All we  hear read & see

Racism discrimination

As well Bigotry

Innocent bloodied children maimed,

Blinded without arms or legs

Hurrying & scurrying

From us pleading for  help

They sincerely beg

Hungry, shivering in the cold

And nowhere to go

But mighty river of hatred

War violence  continues to flow

Mother’s running helter

And skelter with

Babes in arms

Making sure these innocent

Cuties come to no harm

What does humans get by

Inflicting such excruciating pain?

I sincerely wonder if there’s

Anything to gain?

The Zoroastrian Community

Is silently watching

So please smarten up

Bring about Unity.

Let me end by stating:

As it’s said:

“A Mistake that makes one


Is much better than an

Achievement that makes

One Arrogant”

“The world is a dangerous place not because of those who do evil but because of those who look on & do nothing” —- Albert Einstein

I Rest My Case


Choicest Happiness


Farida Bam

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