Festival of Navrozes
Will come & go

Festival of Navrozes will

Forever flow


“A Mistake

Which makes you


Is much better than

An Achievement

That makes you



What a difference

A year makes

Though nothing

Much has changed

War Violence Rape, Murders

Eternally continue



“Live in Peace

Not in pieces”


“It’s not what you gather

But what you scatter”


“Life is a trip

The only problem is

That if doesn’t come with a map

We have to search our own routes

To reach our destination”


“Let your Faith be bigger

Than your Fear”


“Having God in your Boat

Doesn’t mean that you will

Not face any storm.

But it means that no storm

Can sink your boat!

Walk in Faith & you

Will never walk alone!
Smile is the best credit card

Because it is accepted world wide

Auto Reloaded,unlimited usage

No payment

It Keeps everyone Happy

So Keep smiling


Choicest Happiness



Jan 9th 2017



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