Grand opening of SZA’s new Dar-e-meher, Sacramento, California

You’d  be  pleased to know  that Zarathustis  in Central California now have another  new Dar-e-meher at Sacramento, our state’s capital city. This is in addition to the  one  in San Jose.


Here are some pics from Sunday’s ( 3.26.2017) inauguration event.

Rusi Sorabji



  • It’s great to learn that our ancient rich is expanding all over the world

  • Ever since we left
    Our homeland
    We need some
    Of Identity as well
    A place to worship
    To pray and
    Reach out to
    The Almighty
    To help us on our way

    May the Holy Fire installed at the Sacramento Dar -E-Meher spread the message of hope love unity as well prosperity

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