Heil! Misogyny


Late Mrs  Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir

Mrs Magaret Thatcher as well

Benazir Bhutto (may their

Sweet souls rest eternal peace)

Were not  Barbie dolls who lived

In glass houses or

Ivory towers

Or carried around town

By bronzed muscle men

Wrapped In loin cloths

In Palanquins

They were not

Carved out of

Carrara marble
Imported from Italy

Sat pretty in their

Living rooms

Ordering people around

Eating cookies & creams


“Being a woman is

A blessing from God

Being a praying woman

Is  treasure

These  women were strong

And not easily

Broken by circumstances of life

They  cried  in their  hearts

Yet they  retained beautiful smiles

On their faces.
They were over comers.

There is no situation

They could not  handle

People hated them

But they still remained strong

As well more beautiful.

They  were  like roses

That stay red forever

That will never dry”


This  sums up  the very

Characters of these

Astute women

Who unchained the

The shackles of
Racism Discrimination
As well as Bigotry

‘Cause they wanted

Their countries to
Live & Breathe Free!!!


Choicest Happiness




Jan 12th 2017

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