Looking for Dr. Pheroze E. Billimoria

My name is Sunil Pandya. I trained in medicine at Grant Medical College and Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy Hospital and obtained my MBBS in 1961. I later studied neurosurgery and worked at the K. E. M. Hospital in Parel.

We had as our radiology teacher Dr. Pheroze E. Billimoria. He was an Honorary Radiologist at my alma mater.

He had trained in Britain.

He was, in the opinion of many of my teachers, one of the finest radiologists in the city. He was the first in Bombay – and perhaps India – to use the cine-radiology unit to study abnormalities during movement. He was also the first to use angiography regularly in studying patients referred to him.

He emigrated to U.S.A. and worked at Loma Linda University. There, he specialised in the study and analysis of computerised tomography and magnetic resonance images.

One of my colleagues had the opportunity to meet Dr. Donald Ross, a world-famous cardiac surgeon in Britain. (Dr. Ross had performed the first heart transplant in Britain in 1968.) In the course of the conversation, Dr. Ross asked my colleague if he knew Dr. Pheroze Billimoria. On learning that he did and that he held Dr. Billimoria in high esteem, Dr. Ross exclaimed: ‘Dr. Billimoria would be a respected colleague in any department, anywhere in the world.’

I have lost touch with Dr. Billimoria. Attempts at contacting him at Loma Linda University have failed.

Can any of your readers please let me know his whereabouts and how I can contact him?

I shall be obliged by this help.

My email address is shunil3@gmail.com. My telephone numbers: home: 22020007; mobile: 9820223300

Sunil Pandya

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  • FOUND!

    Thanks to your widely read BLOG, I have just received a message from Mrs. Mary Billimoria, wife of Dr. Phiroze Billimoria.

    They are well and are settled in California.

    Just in case other readers wish to communicate with them, here is their email address:


    With renewed thanks and kind regards

    Sunil Pandya

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