If we could

Teach the world to sing

In perfect harmony”

Drive away the sadness

Wipe away the sun drenched tears

As well Racism Discrimination

And Bigotry

Bring about Peace

Happiness & prosperity.

Our world is wound all around

With a barbed wire fence

North South East & West

Death blood Destruction

Of life everywhere.

Alas! from that there is no escape

If we had more clowns

Who would wear red nose

Dress in silly costumes

Would parade around town

Bringing Smiles to humanity

Make them forget their

Worries & woes

When they are feeling down

Some are hell bent on destruction

Trying to wipe out humanity

For what purpose I

Do not know

As it’s said:

“A Mistake which can

Make one humble

Is much better than

An achievement

Which makes

One Arrogant”

Our lives on

Earth is transient

So let’s make

The best of it

By sprinkling Happiness

Love Laughter Cheer

Wipe away the sadness & gloom

Our world would definitely benefit.


Choicest Happiness


Feb 2nd 2017


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