For the want Of a nail the Kingdom was lost” (Walter De la Mare)

The Persian Empire too

Hundred of years ago

Was totally decimated

And still lie in ruins

Why do some want

To follow in

These  same footsteps

And prevent the

The Message of

The Pristine Religion

To flow?.

Does one follow

The News or read

About in the papers?

That the sacred

Assyrian Bulls

As well other relics

Of our Persian heritage

To have been turned

To complete dust.

What are we waiting

For another religion

To Take over or to be

Fenced in & put in cages

As well  be subservient

To their Laws?

Zoroastrianism we  all

Know has no DOs

Or any Don’ts

No regiment to follow

But because of the

Egoistic Attitude

Of some in community

Forward we cannot go!

The clock of life

Is wound but once

And no man has the power

To tell just when the hands
Will stop

At a late ot an early hour

Now is the only time you own

To Live Love Toil with a will

Place no faith in time

For the clock may soon be still

(Jame Jamshed staff reporter)

Choicest Happiness


March 10the 2017

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