Looking for Sam Nariman Ginwala

Greetings from Houston, Texas.

I have been trying to locate a colleague of mine, Sam Nariman Ginwala. He was a Brigade Major in the 11th Artillery Brigade in 1968. I settled in the US in 1969.

So far I have not been lucky to track him down.

Given such a small and cohesive community, I am sure some one will know about him. He must have attained a rank of Brigadier or a General before retirement.

Thanking you in anticipation.


Yours Sincerely,

Ravi Arya <ravikarya@yahoo.com>

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  • Yasmine Jalnawala

    Sam Ginwalla of the Artillery
    My husband and I both knew him. He is no more. Sometime in 1995 when we were in Bangalore and attending New Year Eves get together at Swami Sukhabodanands Ashram, a young girl came upto me and said are you a Zoroastrian. I said yes. She said I could tell from the Asho Frohar that you are wearing. My father was a Parsi Sam Ginwalla of the Artillery.” I said I and my husband both knew him. Sam was posted to Devlali Artillery School – thats my home town. My husband an Armoured Corps Officer and Sam were course mates. Daughter is at Bangalore married to a South Indian.

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