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This is an interpretation of Prophet Zarathushtra. Especially made for children with a message to learn from! Simply mount it on the wall for the kids to enjoy or place it on your desk.Great addition to a kids room.Great for gifting! The frame is 8″ x 10″ and the back has a stand and also a provision for wall hanging.

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A set of 7 Monajats Produced and Sung by Mani Rao
Please click on the link below and enjoy her melodious voice singing these evergreen songs:

  • o-dadgar-o-davar
  • karoochoon-o-dadgar
  • saambhal-re-saambhal
  • bakshish-o-manguch
  • saras-sauthi-kharo-rahbar
  • mane-vahala-re-vahala
  • khudavind-khavind

Get it at :  http://shopping.on-lyne.com/product/zoroastrian-monajats/


ZUBIN MEHTA in a Persepolis Productions Inc & Oriental Heritage Trust Film

The Epic Film covers the 3500 years, from the time of the prophet Zarathushtra to the present day, tracing the history of Zoroastrians, Parsis (Parsees) of India

The first and only film to cover the philosophy and history of Zoroastrianism in a scholarly and dramatic way. This is an extraordinary journey; it will take you to places and times you may have only read about.!

Click Here for the IMDb ratings of the movie

Get it at :  http://shopping.on-lyne.com/product/on-wings-of-fire/


Hand embroidered kids terry cot blankets in various colored mauve stripes and checks with matching 12″x 12″ pillow covers. Fully lined with soft smooth cloth and hand stitched matching borders.For kids from birth to age 5.

For a personal viewing of more items please contact ROSHAN 9820355398 to fix an appointment in Juhu.!


Get it at : http://shopping.on-lyne.com/product/kids-terry-cot-blankets/


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