Please do not
Try to be a peacock
When one  is a crow
‘Cause what one reaps
Is what one sows!

To be a Zoroastrian
Or not to be?
That’s begs the question
Nobody is preventing anyone
From becoming A Zarthushti

“Hear with your ears
Ponder with a Good Mind”
Isn’t that the legacy
That Asho Zarathustra’s
Left for all of humankind?

“Great Leaders are great listeners
Who know their best assets
Is people they work with” Richard Branson
(Zoroastrian Community)
So kindly give up
The ego as well as pride
As in the end one
Cannot hide

Please stop
Being sheep in
Wolves clothing
Moaning & groaning
About the problem
We are facing
(Our Zoroastrian Community
Have a spine
Right the wrong
To all I say:
“You are the (sole)
Masters of your Fate
And Captain of your souls”

Look around you
And you will hear
As well see
In society
Along with
Hatred Violence Bigotry

Let’s not Zoroastrianism
Sink under
‘Cause what God
Hath put together
Let no “person”
Put asunder”

Farida Bam

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